Apple updates Boxset, but keeps old iWork

Alongside the announcement of iLife 11, we expected Apple to update their boxset bundle, which includes both iLife and iWork, as well as Snow Leopard. It happened today, the Mac Box Set now has iLife 11, Snow Leopard, and iWork 09.

It makes sense, but it also ends the rumors that we could see iWork in the near future. The Mac Box Set is now $129.00, which is a huge steal of a deal when you stop and think about the value of the bundle in comparison to other alternatives on the market.

But, if you’re as crafty as we think you are, you’ve probably already checked the prices on Amazon. You can get Snow Leopard for $29.00, iLife ’11 for $44.99. and iWork for ’09 for as low as $61.00. That works out to being $134.99. It’s still cheaper to buy the Mac Box Set from Apple, but should you find that you need one or two of the three packages in the bundle, you may want to consider Amazon as an alternative.

You can usually find some great deals on there, for instance, MobileMe is currently available for $61.27 instead of the $99.00 offered by Apple. These little savings obviously add up quickly.

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