Apple tops customer satisfaction index for the 8th year

As expected, Apple has topped the American Customer Satisfaction Index for the 8th consecutive year, scoring 87 points out of a possible 100-point scale. The next closest competitor is HP, who comes in at 78, followed by Dell, Acer, and Compaq, all coming in at 77. Apple is the gold standard when it come to customer service in the technology industry, clearly.

In an environment where it isn’t uncommon for companies to pass the buck from one company to another when problems arise (ie. Internet providers), it’s nice to note that some companies still go out of their way to provide excellent support to their customers. It’s not unusual for customers to tell stories about Apple going above and beyond to right a wrong, even when it’s clearly the customers fault.

Just yesterday a story found its way to Reddit that was a tale of a gentlemen who tried to upgrade his month old iMac on his own, clearly voiding his warranty. He brought the computer into Apple to get new parts ordered, but upon learning that the whole computer was fried, he asked them to recycle it. Barely a month old, the employees were shocked that the gentlemen was willing to recycle his machine and walk away from it entirely. The result? Apple provided him with a brand new iMac, free of charge, even though he had clearly voided his warranty and destroyed the machine on his own.

It’s stories like the one above that result in customers being extremely satisfied with the Apple customer support experience. I’ve yet to have a situation with customer support or the genius bar that has left me frustrated. Sadly that isn’t something I can say about a lot of Apple’s competitors.

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Source: The ACSI

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