Apple takes Joint Venture online

We’ve heard whispers of Joint Venture leading up to the announcement yesterday, and some thought we’d actually hear about it at the event. Turns out Joint Venture didn’t get any air time during the announcement, but it’s certainly gone live. Apple’s dedicated an entire page to the service on their website.

According to the Joint Venture page, Apple will migrate all of your data to your new machines, give you three two-hour training sessions in store, and give you dedicated in-store support.

Apple will also give consumers with Joint Venture accounts access to Genius services over the phone and information on repair times and part inventory over the phone, amongst other things. Apple will also provide them with a loaner machine while their computer is being repaired in store.

The program comes in at $499 per year, and it will support up to 5 machines. It sounds like a pretty handy IT service for small businesses who can’t afford to hire an IT person full-time.

There is no mention of in-office support on Apple’s website, so if you’re ordering Joint Venture for your business, let us know how it plays out in the comments.

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