Apple going solar at North Carolina data center

Apple has began clearing land in North Carolina adjacent to its new data center to make way for a solar farm set to provide the majority of power for the facility.

While no official facility permits have been filed, Apple applied for a land grading permit which described the land usage as “Solar Panel Farm A” and is an amendment to the original “Project Dolphin”. This was the name given to the original data center in Maiden which opened earlier this year.

The solar farm is set to span the entirety of the lot Apple owns in Maiden, NC, and nearby residents aren’t too thrilled about the smoke that is generated when you burn down 171 acres of trees.

More information will flood in once Apple applies for the official building permit for the site.

Apple’s erosion control permit reveals that the company was able to expand its initial 70 acres to the current 171 with the addition of two additional parcels of land.

If you’d like to check out the permit, you can do so via the Catawba County website  here.

Source: Charlotte Observer
Via: MacRumors

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