Apple sicks the lawyers on the iHub

Apparently there’s a real market out there for Apple branded products that aren’t made by the Cupertino company. Yesterday we heard about a fancy little USB hub that came complete with a glowing Apple logo. Today, we’re hearing that Apple’s lawyers have stepped in and moved to block sales of the iHub USB device.

M.I.C has been a constant thorn in the side of Apple’s lawyers. They’ve had a number of products that Apple hasn’t been too pleased with in the past, the most notable being the Steve Jobs action figure.

M.I.C has notified customers of the product cancellation, but noted that any orders made prior to Apple’s take down request will be fulfilled. So, if you managed to get an order made in time, you will have a fancy new Apple branded USB hub heading your way in the near future.

We’re not lawyers, so we have to ask, can M.I.C actually get away with fulfilling these orders? If so, it seems like the gamble is worth making. Cashing in while you can get away with it, then get out when there are threats of legal action.

If you know anything about this from a legal standpoint, we’d love to hear from you.

Article Via 9to5Mac

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