Apple releases SDK for iTunes LP

Here’s something I’ve been keeping my eyes on as someone who has a small web development firm. iTunes LP is finally available for the average Joe. It’s always been around for tinkering with, but it wasn’t until recently that Apple has released some official guidelines and an SDK for us to use.

The really cool thing about the TuneKit SDK is that it doesn’t really require much complicated programming. If you have the skills to put together a website using HTML, CSS, and JS then you can start developing content for the iTunes LP.

What’s even cooler than the TuneKit being released? Well, how about Apple putting out templates, design practice guides, and development guides? This is the kind of thing that reminds me why I love Apple. Sure, they aren’t the most open company in the industry, but they certainly aren’t the most closed either.

Here’s a new opportunity design firms, I suggest jumping on it.

Photo Credit: cx1uk

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