Apple Quits the US Chamber of Commerce

Apple is the fourth and largest company to quit the US Chamber of Commerce due to difference of opinion concerning environmental issues. The federal efforts to limit greenhouse gases has not been as ambitious as it should be, so companies are now leaving in order to raise awareness of these concerns. “Apple’s departure is a clear signal that more and more of the chamber’s members want it to download a new tune when it comes to climate change,” said Peter Altman of the Natural Resources Defense Council.

This was due to the US Chamber of Commerce’s opposition to last week’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) attempt to regulate about 14,000 coal-burning power plants. This is going to be a huge blow to the US Chamber of Commerce because Apple is the first technology-based company to leave and also to have consumer products that many people are loyal to.

I wonder how the US Chamber of Commerce is going to proceed after this. It’s baffling that they are not trying to back something that would help the environment, which affects people and animals as well.  Recently, a high official compared environmental issues with the Scopes trial, which had to deal with a teacher teaching his students evolution. Many environmentalists were very upset over this because it made it seem like environmental issues are in the imagination of a few people, when in reality is something that can be backed up by scientific research.

I’m glad that Apple did this. Hopefully it gets the US Chamber of Commerce to wake up and start doing something over the environment.

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