Apple Paid Court Appointed Compliance Monitor $138,000 In First Two Weeks, Company Objects

You may remember that in the aftermath of Apple’s highly publicized e-book scandal, the company was appointed a lawyer to act as a compliance monitor and ensure the company properly followed the new rules passed on to it from the court. Well Apple has to pay for this lawyer itself, and apparently he costs a lot.

Michael Bromwich (hilariously pictured above) reportedly charged Apple $138,000 for his first two weeks of work alone, an amount that Apple says it has never even paid any of its own company lawyers, even during its major company legal battles. Apple argues that Bromwich is charging more for his services simply because he can, since the lawyer was court appointed to monitor the company. Bromwich asks for an average hourly rate of $1,100, in addition to extra charges.

Apple has now issued a formal objection of its compliance monitor’s high pay rate to the judge overseeing the case. It has also objected the court’s initial decision to let Bromwich interview Apple company employees and to then report his findings back to the court without any Apple lawyers present.

According to his legal firm, Bromwich is reportedly out of the country and therefor unable to comment on the situation.

It turns out even the biggest company in the world can complain about having to pay its legal fees.

Image Credit: Fox News

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