Apple And The NSA, Lucky Bags, WebOS Secrets, And More In Our Weekly Reading Roundup

Apple was dragged into the center of the NSA spying scandal in the US this week, when it was revealed that the NSA has s program that can take control of iPhones, albeit with local access. Apple responded, saying that they have never worked with the NSA. Apple is opening a new flagship store in Brisbane Australia. No word on if the Genius Bar will have Foster’s on tap. Apple hired a New York Times designer as the creative director for marketing.

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Stories From Around the Web

  • A visual history of the Apollo missions | An excellent collection of visual materials from the Apollo missions.
  • The lost secrets of webOS | The Verge breaks down what might have been if HP didn’t pull the plug on Palm’s ill-fated iOS competitor.
  • Source Code in TV and Films | A collection of code from films and TV.
  • Take charge of your batteries! | Quentin Stafford explains his rechargeable battery workflow. You read that right, and it is much more interesting than you think.
  • Shameless Carriers | Jean-Louis Gassée discusses why the idea of the carrier “subsidy” and the idea that the iPhone is driving up costs for everyone is a complete falsehood.

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