Apple Letting Apple TV Users Re-Organzie App Icons In Latest Beta

According to MacMagazine, Apple has introduced re-arrangeable icons in the latest Apple TV beta release. It seems like iOS 6 will allow users to arrange icons and prioritize certain listings over others in the user interface.

Translated From Brazilian using Google Translate:

The reader is Robert Besser iOS 6 beta testing on your Apple TV and found a novelty not yet commented: holding the center button on the remote control on the icons below, you can now reorder them as we do in iGadgets. Currently, this shortcut will turn off the set-top box. Could this be another indication that an SDK for third-party apps even come around? ;-)

Obviously the move piques the interest of those who say Apple is about to do something similar to the Apple TV that they did to the iPhone just before announcing the App Store back in iOS 2.0.1 in the summer of 2008. What was that thing? Apple gave customers the ability to re-arrange icons. There’s been a lot of speculation back and forth about the inculsion of apps on the Apple TV, but what do you think?

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