Apple gets serious in Japan, replaces 5,500 iPod nano batteries

The backstory is something we’ve been familiar with for a couple of years now, batteries are dangerous, and can catch on fire occasionally: it’s happened in Europe, North America, and now it’s happening in Japan. It’s been an ongoing battle for a couple of months, but Apple’s been quiet until recently. Public pressure from the Japanese Trade Minister kept increasing as calls for an inquiry fell on seemingly deaf ears in Cupertino. Back in August an iPod fire stopped a commuter train dead in its tracks because commuters were complaining about a strong chemical smell coming from an iPod Nano. Clearly, the iPod Nano had some issues, and Apple was aware of it, but they didn’t make it easy for customers to find information about replacement programs.

It looks like Apple’s been listening the whole time because over the month of August they’ve replaced a total of 5,527 first-generation iPod nano batteries. It seems like Apple caved to Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industries request to make the battery replacement program easier to find on their website. The simple changes seemed to have worked, the Japanese saw replacements increase from 62 in June and 232 in July, to 5,527 in August.

So, if you have problems with your iPod Nano, both in Japan or elsewhere, you should probably bring your iPod Nano into the Apple Store.  They’re aware of the battery problems, and there’s a good chance they’ll be able to help you.

Article Via Apple Insider

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