Apple looking into hybrid e-ink solutions for iOS devices

Apple’s apparently concerned about e-ink, and the number of people using Kindles, Kobos, and other e-ink readers. According to a new patent application uncovered by Apple Insider, Apple’s been looking into creating hybrid displays that would let users jump in and out of e-ink while reading their books on an iPad.

The displays would be layered and combine both the normal LCD displays that we’ve grown to love, as well as those easy to read screens that ship with your much loved Kobo.

This kind of blows my mind on some level. Not because of its existence, but because just over a year ago I mentioned in our comments that a hybrid display/e-ink option for the iPad would be preferable. I guess I wasn’t alone in that line of thinking. It may just be a possibility in the near future.

If I had to make the choice of one device to do all of my reading on, I would select an e-ink device every single time.  For those who know me, I spent an entire week on holidays with nothing but an iPod nano and a Kobo, and I have to say, the Kobo was an awesome experience. The device was perfect for reading in the sun, it lasted an entire week, and it felt less tiring on my eyes.

You can do so much more on an iPad than you can with your e-reader of choice.  If Apple could figure out a way to make a hybrid display work, and work well, it would be difficult to argue the merits of a dedicated e-reader over an iPad.

As it stands, I prefer an e-reader over my iPad for reading, but this display could very well change that. I’m all for having to carry less devices with me when I travel.  If the iPad will eventually do e-ink, there will be one less thing I have to carry in my bag.

Article Via Apple Insider

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