Apple may hold a second WWDC specifically for Mac OS X

After some criticism about WWDC becoming too iOS-centric, 9 to 5 Mac is reporting that a French site called Hard Mac has a source stating that Apple is considering holding two separate developer conferences. This could make a lot of sense — especially since Apple dropped out of the MacWorld conference not too long ago.

Having two conferences that are completely controlled in house could be extremely beneficial to Apple. This would allow the iOS crowd to flourish and grow without honing in on the space of the traditional Mac OS X developers. That said, there might not be enough interest from inside or outside of Apple to justify two separate conferences. Maybe, instead, they should just continue to grow the singular WWDC, and then work better on balancing their support of both platforms. I do subscribe to the theory that iOS and Mac OS X will merge in the future. As touch-based devices proliferate the mainstream, it won’t be long until their desktop operating system will need something like iOS.

What do you think about having two WWDCs? Would you prefer one over the other? Maybe you think Steve should rent out a Football dome to hold the Stevenote.

Article Via 9 to 5 Mac
Photo Credit: Apple

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