Apple hiring metal engineering specialists

AppleInsider uncovered three job postings at Apple relating to amorphous metal development and metal process development this week. The positions require highly experienced individuals with 7 and 10 plus years of experience, and the position will be a “highly visible role” within the company. Experience with “highly cosmetic parts” is also a plus.

After Apple acquired the rights to the exclusive use of LiquidMetal, an amorphous metal alloy discovered by researchers at the California Institute of Technology, many have wondered what they plan to do with the material. Possessing high strength, hardness, and superior strength to weight ratio, the metal is ideal for the kind of small, light, yet strong devices that Apple may have in development. Harder and stronger than titanium or aluminum, products made with LiquidMetal alloys can be even thinner and lighter than anything Apple has made before. And due to LiquidMetal’s amorphous structure, its ability to stay strong even when cast, rather than forged or wrought, provides opportunity to shape the metal into unique devices. With LiquidMetal Apple is poised to further its lead in product design and manufacture.

One can only imagine how awesome shuriken made from LiquidMetal would be. Are we sure Steve Jobs isn’t a ninja?

Article via AppleInsider.

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