Apple files papers for a mono playback option on the iPod

I know a lot of people who prefer to listen to audio podcasts in mono (We know we need to get back on our daily podcasts). Some people even prefer to have the option available to them when they’re listening to music. I’m not one of those people. Personally I think stereo audio tracks are created for a reason and we should use them when we can, including in podcasts.

It seems like Apple’s heard the cries for mono control on the iPod, so they’ve been working on a solution that would let a user switch between audio and mono playback options. Kids on the playground are probably rejoicing right now. If you can remember the days of rocking a walkman or cd player during recess, you probably remember being stuck with the crappy ear bud with bass and drum beats and a faint lyric track. Man did I hate that. Hell, I still hate that at concerts. Anyway, Apple’s filed the paperwork for a patent on their algorithm and hopefully this nifty little feature makes it into the iPod lineup. Kids everywhere will be thankful.

Article Via Patently Apple

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