Apple Cuts 13″ Macbook Pro To $999 With Education Discount

If the biggest thing deterring you from getting a Macbook is its price, you might now be interested in getting a Macbook Pro. Apple has dropped the price of the low-end 13″ pro to $999 for customers using the educational discount, making it the only Macbook Pro to be cheaper than a grand.

The model does not include retina display, but has a 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 Processor, 4GB of RAM and and a 500GB hard drive. The high-end non-retina 13″ model was also dropped in price, bringing it down to $1,299 with the educational pricing.

The reason for the $100 price cut to each model is likely due to new product announcements set to take place at Apple’s upcoming WWDC event. Apple may unveil a refresh for its Macbook Pros, and some are speculating that the company may even choose to completely discountinue its non-retina versions.

If you really do want to save the most money, you should wait until after WWDC to see how everything ends up.

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