APPLE CONTEST: Design Three-Sided Apple Store

Attention all Apple lovers with a little bit of drawing ability: Apple is holding a contest for their newest store in Chicago, IL. The new location sits on a strangely-shaped land, so they need to create a new and innovative store: a three-sided Apple Store.

What is the prize? The architect gets a $100 Apple gift card. Only $100! I am designing an Apple store, and all I am getting is $100? The most you can get with that money is an iPod shuffle. They really need to rethink the prize. In a way, the person also gets bragging rights and can put on his/her resume that "I designed an Apple store!"

All submitted graphics will be considered to be under the Creative Commons license, allowing publication on the IFO Web site with attribution (indicate how you want to be credited). E-mail two to four views of the final design (any graphic format, high-res, any size) so viewers can see the full impact of your work. Send the e-mail to

Source: ifoAppleStore

Photo by:Tony Shi, NY-N

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