Apple Bumps Warranties In France, Belgium, And Germany To Two Year Protection

There’s nothing worse than having your new iPhone or MacBook start to fail on you just a few months after your one year warranty expires (It happened to Josh). That’s why customers in France, Belgium, and Germany should be glad to hear that Apple has just shifted all of its product warranties from one year to two year warranties.

Apple has been under pressure from several European countries to change its warranty practices to better match the EU’s mandatory two year warranty policy. Apple has also taken flack for what critics say is the company’s attempt to offer customer’s an unfair warranty as a tactic to get more customers to purchase AppleCare.

For all you Dutch speakers, Apple has posted a document outlining its new changes on its company website.

For any North Americans hoping to receive the same treatment, however, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Image Credit: The Apple Clan

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