Apple Says All App Store Submissions Must Be iOS 7 Optimized Come Feb 1st

User adoption rates for iOS 7 have already been the best Apple’s ever seen, but the company wants to ensure this stays the same.

Apple has posted a notice to all iOS developers that beginning February 1st, 2014, all newly submitted apps and app updates must be optimized to run on iOS 7. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that apps will be forced to incorporate flatter and new UI designs, it means they’ll be forced to properly incorporate things like the new 64-bit architecture.

Even old apps that intend to release a new update will be forced to update their code to work better with iOS 7. After February 1st, Apple will begin to reject any apps that aren’t properly adjusted for the new OS.

As for most users, people can’t even remember what life with iOS 6 was even like.

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