Apple adds Do Not Track support in Lion

Apple’s clearly making an effort in Lion to protect Safari users from having marketers tracking users’ online activities. According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple’s added Do Not Track features to Safari in the Lion beta.

The feature essentially sends out alerts to websites and advertising networks that a user doesn’t want their movements tracked around the internet. Most major online marketers use a form of tracking in order to serve up more relevant advertisements to consumers.

Have you ever noticed that after visiting a website, you’re immediately seeing ads all over the internet for the product you’ve recently checked out? That’s because your web usage patterns are being analyzed by companies like Google Adsense and ValueClick Media.

Guess what major browser hasn’t implemented a Do Not Track option? If you said Google Chrome, you’re right. Go figure. A company that makes billions on selling your information to advertisers still hasn’t given their customers the ability to opt out of tracking technologies.

It must be hard not being evil these days.

Article Via The Wall Street Journal

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