Apple Adds OpenStreetMap Attribution To iPhoto iOS

Apple has added OpenStreetMap attribution in iPhoto for iOS, thus further loosening the bolts that keep them bonded to Google. Where all of Apple’s map and location-based features were previously locked to Google’s map services, Apple is now bringing OSM into the fold. OSM was already present in iPhoto for iOS, but failed to give the proper credit, which was a big deal to board member Richard Fairhurst:

“Obviously we’d rather that Apple had attributed right from the start, but nonetheless this is a big step forward,” Fairhurst said. “If the biggest computer company in the world, one with a perfectionist instinct, feels that OpenStreetMap data meets its needs and is happy to publicly attribute us, then that’s a great vote of confidence in our community’s work.”

OpenStreetMap is an open project to create an editable map of the entire planet which seeks to rival and possibly supplant Google’s own Google Maps. They may not be a household name in the same way as Google, but it’s getting a lot of attention from Apple lately. Though no official comment from anyone in a fancy suit has yet happened, it’s somewhat clear that Google and Apple are over the honeymoon phase. As they lock horns and battle over the smartphone market, Apple is likely extricating themselves from Google and putting a little distance between them. Apple doesn’t have any problems with punishing partners with whom they have a grievance and are historically known to mess with companies who mess with them (just ask ATI about the G4 Cube).

Source: AppleInsider

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