Analysts predict a boost in iPad 2 shipments for third quarter, 2011

Taking a cue from standard 3rd quarter trends in the IT sect, Apple is expected to boost iPad 2 shipments over the 2nd quarter by nearly 4 million units. Apple has been stocking up on all of the parts required to produce the world’s most popular tablet in an effort to avoid any component shortages.

Forecasting numbers for Apple’s second generation iPad  have been all over the place due to part orders still lingering from the last of the original iPads, as well as manufacturing bottlenecks. Many agree that Apple is still on target to ship around 40 million iPads this year, though early numbers weren’t as extravagant as initially expected.

Tim Cook has gone on record saying that every iPad made in the first quarter had been sold. This is a pretty exciting statement in  a sea of lesser performing tablets, including but not limited to Blackberry’s Playbook, which may have missed forecasts by up to 90%.

One thing is for certain. This nifty iPad thing is here to stay, and it’s setting the standard as we move past the personal computer era.

Via: MacRumors
Source: DigiTimes

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