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First, if you have an iPhone and don’t use AirSharing, then you need to start. AirSharing is an iPhone app that turns your iPhone into a jump drive. Well, more than just a jump drive. It is considered a document viewer app, but I think of it as a whole lot more. You can connect with AirSharing from your computer and it acts as a server. This gives you the feel of using the app as a jump drive. The ability to drag several different file types onto your device and the ability to read them make this app indispensable. If you have a resume that you want to keep with you, or certain documents you need to always have handy, you are set. It holds Word, Excel, Pages, Numbers, PDF’s and more.


Avatron Software was founded by Dave Howell in 2008 after the iPhone SDK was announced. By June 2008, Avatron had 3 employees, all very experienced Mac developers. Then the brainstorming began by sifting through ideas to fill a need in the market, AirSharing was born. Originally, there was nothing like it in the app store. By the time of release, there were already a couple in the app store though. One of the apps had to work with Desktop Software and the other was only made for the Mac platform. This is where AirSharing had the advantage. With AirSharing you didn’t need anything but the app and to have wifi on. That’s it.

For the first two weeks of its release, AirSharing was free in the app store. It quickly became the #1 downloaded app. Even after they started charging $4.99 they still continued to sell. That says a lot for an app. Eight months later, AirSharing Pro came to life.

AirSharing Pro:

The Pro Version retails for $9.99 and it is worth every penny. With the Pro version, you have the ability to connect to your MobileMe iDisk, FilesAnywhere account, account, and other WebDAV servers you may have. Also you don’t have to be on wifi to access these accounts. You also have the ability to print to a network printer and even email a file. Now when you email AirSharing uploads what you want to email to and then launches mail app and emails a link. But this feature works great. You can even view Zipped Documents.

Like most people, I wondered about DropBox support. DropBox is not currently supported. This is because of the current lack of API for DropBox. Avatron plans on DropBox support very soon.

All in all, I recommend buying this app. Either regular AirSharing or the Pro version. Both are worth every penny. I have both. If you are debating on the ability to use the features in the Pro version, you can get a account for free. So check them out.

More info:

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