AirParrot streams your Mac’s display to the Apple TV

Sometimes serendipity boggles my mind. Last night, a former co-worker of mine pinged me on Facebook to find out if there was any good way to mirror his MacBook Pro’s display to his Apple TV 2. I looked around, and didn’t find any particularly good solutions. Most of them involved running through an iPad or jailbreaking your Apple TV. Defeated, I told him that it wouldn’t be easy. Mere minutes ago, I was proven wrong.

Released today, AirParrot is an app that runs on your Mac, and wirelessly mirrors your display to your television via AirPlay on Apple TV 2. Great! This is exactly what I was looking for.

If you want to get your copy of this very neat app, a single license is only $9.99 USD, and a family pack of five licenses is a mere $29.99 USD. The timing of this release couldn’t be more perfect, and I’m so very pleased that I had a good solution to offer my colleague.

Hat tip to TUAW

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