A First Look At Razer’s Orochi Mouse

I haven’t had a mouse slide around so seamlessly like this since my first laser mouse. The Razer Orochi model kinda blew my mind. It’s small, it’s light, and it certainly moves around with ninja like speed. I was a bit skeptical when I opened the box up, the mouse was small (Approx. size in mm: 99(L) x 67.8(W) x 35(H)) and awkward looking. I don’t have the biggest hands on the block, but I was worried that I’d struggle with comfort. Turns out that my fears were unfounded and that the mouse is actually a lot more comfortable than the new magic mouse, a lot more comfortable.

Something else to consider here is that mouse is bluetooth, much like the aforementioned magic mouse, but the Orochi actually ships with a USB cord to connect the mouse directly to your computer during times of low battery availability, which makes it a perfect travel mouse on top all the other tasks it can be slated for. It’s marketed as a gaming mouse, and it definitely worked quite well in our gaming tests, the reaction time was a lot quicker and smoother than our trusty Logitech mouse.

The mouse weighs in at $79.99 USD and knocks the socks off my Logitech Mouse, and my not so Mighty Mouse. It comes in relatively the same price as both, but it surpasses them in a host of movement test that I did.

Ranking mice is a difficult task, and it’s something that should be done on an individual basis, but for for me, the Orochi Razer has found itself stapled into my work flow.  This mouse might not be as “Magical” as Apple’s latest mouse iteration, but it certainly gets the job done.  Given  Apple’s history with Mouse peripherals, I’m reluctant to purchase the new Magic Mouse until some long term reviews start to come out, but until then, this Orochi mouse is going to hold the fort just fine.

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