A bailout we can get behind!

I think I have a new favorite software company.

This just in: Marketcircle, makers of every freelancer’s best friend software “Billings 3” have just released the news that they will be offering their own “bailout” for the Mac-loving freelancers of the world.

From their email press release:

As the U.S. Federal Government is busy managing a $700 billion bailout for Wall Street, Marketcircle Inc. has decided to give Main Street America’s Mac freelancers and small businesses a break – 20 bucks at a time – by lowering the price on Billings 3 time tracking and invoicing software from US$59.95 to US$39.95 for a seven week period.

That’s so hot. Love the price, and the political humor there.

They’re also, by the way, offering a “bailout” price on upgrades for Billings 2.x users, which is particularly good (and might even coax an upgrade out of me).

So, Mac freelancers (like yours truly) rush over to billings3.com and snap up your extra cheap copy of Billings (cheap at any price really). If you’re freelancing or running your own small business from a Mac and not already using Billings, then you REALLY need to head over there. If you’ve tried any other billing software for the Mac, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Let the bailout begin!