Want a $999 MacBook Air? You’ll have to wait.

It looks like Apple has a hit on their hands. The Apple store is showing a 1-3 business day wait before a $999 MacBook Air will leave Apple. That’s the 11-inch 64GB model, the smallest and most affordable of the new line of Airs.

A Macworld Lab Report is proclaiming the new MacBook Airs to be as fast as the MacBook Pro, and in some cases outperform them. For everyday tasks, the MacBook Air is certainly fast enough. Positive reviews are certainly going to help sales of the Air, as I know I was among those waiting to see how it would perform before making a buying decision.

It’s interesting that the low end model is feeling the demand. Is it perhaps a reflection of the economic times, or perhaps just the easiest to justify and the best value? Apple has really filled in the gap in its product line nicely, as you can go from the iPod Touch to iPad, to 11-inch Air, then 13-inch and on up.

The original MacBook Air was not a success, and in some ways was like the G4 Cube before it. A cool design, but much too expensive and not fast enough. Apple didn’t have a chance to iterate on the Cube, but with the 2nd generation MacBook Air, Apple has found the right price and performance to really make the Air a standout. And right before the holidays, too. Well played Apple, well played.

Article Via 9to5Mac

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