9.8 percent of people prefer getting video from Apple

When it comes to user preferences for online video, YouTube is still the king of the hill according to a new study published from Citigroup. The study focused on user preferences online, and highlights which services users prefer to get their video content from while surfing the web.

Currently Apple’s only sitting at 9.8 percent of the poll, with YouTube at 69.2 percent, Facebook at 27.1 percent, and Netflix at 24.5 percent. It’s pretty obvious that there’s room to grow for a number of these companies, including Apple, but the more important conclusions that should be drawn here is the potential that YouTube and Google has for completely dominating a market should they ever figure out a rental service that works for them.

With 69 percent of users heading to YouTube first to find video, there’s a good chance that they could rent a video or two while they’re there.

Thumbs up, but in a sarcastic kind of way

Electornista had us totally duped thinking that this study was about market share and bandwidth, not user preferences. I guess that’s bound to happen when you title your post 24.5% of online video is Netflix, iTunes 9.8 percent, and the opening paragraph reads, “The online check had Netflix representing 24.5 percent of online video, ahead of Hulu (22.5 percent) and just short of Facebook (27.1 percent). iTunes was the top pay-per-show provider but was well short in use at just 9.8 percent of those asked online.”

We hate to be the barer of bad news here, but Netflix pushing a 2 GB HD film across the Internet would have more weight than YouTube pushing a 30 second nut-kick video across the tubes.

Again, we should make this clear: the study has everything to do with user preferences, and where they turn to first for their video content, and absolutely nothing to do with the amount of bandwidth these companies use, or are responsible for online.


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