6% of iOS Users Updated To iOS 7.1 Within First 24 Hours

Analytics firm Chitika has revealed findings from a new study that shows 5.9% of all iOS users updated their device to iOS 7.1 within just the first 24 hour’s of the update’s release.

iOS update adoption rates are always considered to be the best in the industry, with roughly 6% of users having downloaded the previous iOS 7.0.6 release in the first 24 hours as well.

iOS 7.1 contains mainly cosmetic changes along with a few new features such as CarPlay. iOS 7.0.6 on the other hand contained just one major security fix. It seems that no matter what’s included in a minor update, Apple can count on roughly 6% of users installing it on the first day.

You can expect these numbers to continue steadily climbing as the days pass by as well. iOS 7.0.6 attained an adoption rate of 25% in just four days.

Hopefully iOS 8 is exciting enough to bring these numbers up even higher.

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