1Shoot solves the iPhone’s Camera problems

It’s no secret that Apple’s Camera application sucks the big one.  It’s laggy, it’s slow, it doesn’t respond well in low light, and it certainly takes ‘meh’ pictures.  I get that it can be used all artfully and take some nice abstract photos, but sometimes you want to take a simple and clear picture.  Given the tools available in the phone I’m left scratching my head trying to figure out why the application isn’t better.

Thanks fully 1Shoot has done quite a bit of work and solved some of the problems that are currently plaguing the device.  For instance, in the world of life-casters taking photos of one’s self is a must, and the iPhone doesn’t exactly make that easy.  1Shoot solves this by making the whole screen a button you can push, instead of forcing you deduce where a button is on the screen.  Kinda makes sense.

The second really cool thing it does is helps you take focused photos.  Instead  of forcing you to push a “button” to take it picture, it gives you a nice little heads up display that turns green when you’re holding the camera steady.  Once the display turns green it automatically takes a picture, thereby eliminating some of the focus issues.

Finally, it takes a pretty big next step in mobile photography that Apple has seemed to overlook in the development of their iPhone application.  Write times to the phones storage space is slow, and severely hampers your ability to take a candid shot on time with Apple’s Camera application.  1Shoot solves this little problem as well, instead of writing your pictures to the photo application space, it keeps them in a cache, so you can decide what photos to save once you’re done trying to get that kiss on camera.

I’m pretty impressed that a development company has taken the three biggest gripes about Apple’s camera application and tried to fix them all, in a creative yet effective manner.  1Shoot has become my camera application of choice, and it’s certainly worth the price (free for now!).

If you’re taking a lot of images on your phone, you need to check this out.

Photo Credit: cubicpt

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