1Password Prepares for Snow Leopard

It is my favorite utility app, and I am sure it is your favorite. At least, it should be. 1Password has been preparing for its next big release with 3.0. They have been keeping very busy. Not only do they have a great desktop app, but also a fantastic iPhone app that has been seeing pretty regular updates.

But let’s get back on track. 1Password 3 is on the horizon and Agile is offering early upgrades. If you upgrade early you will save 33% off the regular upgrade price. But that’s not all, you will also be able to be part of the beta process. Now if you have purchased a license after February 1, 2009, you already have a version 3 license. Remember though if you use the beta, that it is not fully functional and may have some bugs. So if you are depending on 1password for a lot of things, I would wait until the final release.

Now like every one, Agile was caught a little off guard by the release of Snow Leopard. Everyone was made aware that it would be mid to late September for its release, so 1Password is not quite ready for Snow Leopard. But they do have a wonderful post on how to use 1Password and snow leopard You can find it here.

For up to the minute details from 1password just go to their site at 1Password.com

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