10.5.7 is live and I got a really scary error.

Well, 10.5.7 is live today, but that’s not really what I’m interested in. What I’m interested in is this super scary error I got while trying to install it. It’s probably nothing, but I have to admit it’s made me extremely paranoid. I don’t take digital signature errors lightly, and the fact that the screen says the update may have been tampered with really freaks me out. I mean it could have been my connection mucking with some of the packets, thus giving me a faulty download, but it also could be some super secret hackers sticking it to all of us pompous Apple users. What do you think? Should I be paranoid?

UPDATE: I installed the combo update from Apple’s site and it still acted funky, but it eventually let me update. Essentially, it applies the patch, then asks you to reboot. While rebooting it hangs up. If you force quit, and restart the machine it eventually lets you back into your OS. Here’s a word of caution. Back your stuff up before you go messing with the combo update. Once you’re back in I’d check your permissions and poke around the OS a little. Make sure everything works properly.

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