Why should Mac users have to pay an Internet Tax?

The Apple community so far has been immune to viruses and malware, as where the Windows community is rampant with all sorts of viruses and malware.  Some say that Macs don’t get viruses because they hold a smaller market share, and it’s not profitable for those who choose to write viruses.  Charlie Miller, the winner of two Pwn to Own contests coined the phrase, “security through obscurity”.  Basically he’s saying that Macs are secure, because they are not widespread.  I beg to differ with his statement.  Macs are secure because Mac OS X employs better security protocols.  This is why anti-virus and malware protection is not needed on the Mac.  Many Windows users pay annually to protect their computers from these threats.  How about being taxed on top of paying these annual fees.  This is what Microsoft is proposing.

Robert McMillan, who writes for PC World, wrote that Microsoft would like the consumer to pay an Internet tax to help combat these threats.  Microsoft Corporate Vice President for Trustworthy Computing Scott Charney is quoted in the following statement:

So who would foot the bill? “Maybe markets will make it work,” Charney said. But an Internet usage tax might be the way to go. “You could say it’s a public safety issue and do it with general taxation,” he said.

Wow!  A public safety issue, really Scott,  how about Microsoft fixing Windows so that these threats wouldn’t be an issue.  The Windows community already pays for anti virus protection, don’t you think that’s enough.  I’m reminded of the old Mafia movies, where the local gangster goes into a store and tells the store owner that he will protect him for price.  This is exactly what is happening to Windows users, they are being strong armed into having to pay for protection.  So now Windows and Mac users alike would have to pay for protection.

This is one of many reasons why I own Macs, and will never go back to using a Windows computer.  I don’t have to pay an annual fee to protect my computer from attacks.  Nor will I want to pay this ridiculous Internet tax.

Moreover, I feel that we also need to educate people on the threats that are out there.  There is social engineering that will trick people into giving up there credit card or bank information.  So, there is more than one way to skin a proverbial cat if you wish.

The Internet is great place for knowledge and entertainment.  However, it’s also a place of thieves, scam artists, and low life’s.  Microsoft, I suggest to you, instead of charging an Internet tax, educate the masses on the threats that are out there.  Haven’t we paid enough?  Would you as a Mac or Windows consumer be willing to pay for an Internet tax to combat these threats?  I’d like to know your opinion on this matter.  Leave a comment below in the comments section, and tell the world and Microsoft how you really feel about this.

Photo Credit: Microsoft’s Scott Charney Presents at RSA, San Francisco 4-21-2009

Article via: PC World

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