Oh wait, “we meant Retina displays in iPad 3”

If you’ve been following the iPad Retina display rumors over the last week, you’re probably well aware that the rumor mill has been churning out some outright hilarious rumors.

Last week the rumor was that the iPad 2 would be shipping with a 2048×1536 display, but after getting an adequate beat down around the internet, IDC Research is saying iPad 3 is getting a Retina display.

See the world we live in? Whenever someone debunks one rumor, people think it makes sense to make up another rumor to support their original rumor claims.

We don’t doubt for a second that Apple’s working on a way to get higher quality displays in the iPad, but claiming that iPad 3 is going to have a Retina display before iPad 2 even ships is laughable.

So much could change between now and iPad 3 that “Retina display” technologies could be defunct by the time iPad 3 even ships.

But, there you have it. iPad 3 “could” have a Retina D\display. It “could” also solve world hunger, poverty, and the potable drinking water problem.

Photo Credit: larissaherbst
Article Via SlashGear

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