Give our first live radio interview a listen!

Well I was on the radio on Friday, and had an excellent time. The lead up to the live show was pretty crazy for me. Luckily, by the time that I got to the CBC building I was feeling pretty confident in myself. I was surprised about how “unnervous” I was about the whole thing. Blew my mind. Anyway, I snapped some pics (on flickr), and enjoyed my brief ten minutes on the AIR. It was super cool to see the insides of a professional radio station, and after a couple quick glances around the studio, it gave me some quick ideas for our podcast. Hopefully I can apply some of the concepts in hte near future. Anyway, you can give the radio interview a quick listen below. Aside from the “super fan” comment I was pretty happy with it. The host, Adrienne Harewood, was pretty cool. We had a quick chat about Jim Morrison before the mics came back on.

Give it a listen!

Hopefully it’s the start of our mainstream media takeover! ;)

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