Congratulations are in order: Schnell 2.0 officially out of beta

That’s a stork. Ever seen one before? I haven’t, either. But you know who has? Macgasm Editor-in-Chief Joshua Schnell, who was graced with his first daughter Monday morning  at 8:45 AM. Aletha Grace Schnell rang in at a respectable 8.05 pounds and sports a dramatic head of dark hair and her father’s delicate, girlish facial features.

We’re a few days behind on reporting this story because, for some reason, Josh reports that he had other things on his mind this week other than talking to me (which I totally don’t get). Aletha’s mom is reportedly doing just fine and all is well in the Schnell household, if not quiet. We at Macgasm wish Aletha the very best and, of course, the very same to her mom and dad.

Take a moment to wish Josh and family well in the comments. He’ll be checking in between feedings and naps (sort of the same way I check in with Macgasm now that I think of it).

No word on Aletha’s Game Center uesrname just yet. We’ll keep you posted.

Source: That’s a talk you should be having with your mother, not us

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