Sonos almost ready to Lionify the Sonos Desktop Controller

If you’re rocking a Sonos device and made the update to Lion before realizing that the Sonos Desktop Controller doesn’t work with 10.7, you’re probably pretty annoyed that your speakers have been collecting dust since Lion shipped. Mums been the word since the update, with Sonos only letting users know that they’re “working” on an update in a forum post.

Apparently Apple made some pretty large SMB changes in Lion that make it impossible for Sonos to create new music shares of music libraries. Sonos has apparently been working with Apple to get the problem squared away.

The wait is almost over.

Andrew Schulert, VP of Quality at Sonos, Inc. has sent us an update, letting us know that Sonos has begun beta testing the new Desktop Controller for Lion, and should all go well, an update is forthcoming in the next couple of weeks.

Great news for those who can’t get work done without blaring some music.

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