Rumor: Apple to release Lion on Wednesday, July 6th

Apple said Lion will ship in July, and July is just around the corner, so naturally rumors will be popping up between now and release day. It’s already begun to some degree, but today we have an alleged date for the Lion release: July 6, 2011.

The guys over at Three Guys and a Podcast have a source ‘in the bay area’ who leaked the information. The source is anonymous, as usual, and the guys over at Three Guys and a Podcast have had a bit of a spotty track record with their leaks previously. For instance, back in January they predicted, again according to a source, that iTunes and Safari would be merging into a powerhouse browser, and obviously that hasn’t happened.

Lion is pretty close to being ready to ship already and the developer preview is pretty close to being complete and bug free for the most part, so we’re expecting the release to be a lot sooner rather than later. Just yesterday it was rumored that a release could happen somewhere in mid-July amidst updates for the MacBook Air and Mac Pro, but before the financial results call scheduled on the 19th of July.

Next week seems like a more realistic release time, and would easily give Apple some numbers to chat about during their financial call. That being said, I still have a few bugs kicking around my Lion install, and I’m unable to install it on my MacBook Pro (5,1) for some reason. Unless Apple’s about to pull the trigger on another update, July 6, 2011, may still be slightly early for a major release, based on my experiences with the OS to date.  However, that doesn’t mean that Apple hasn’t already solved the last of the major bug problems, and that they’re sitting on an update until release.

Source: Three Guys and a Podcast
Via: Cult of Mac

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