PSA: New MacBook Pros Experiencing Some Technical Difficulties

MacBook Pro

It’s not unheard of that new MacBooks may have a few glitches popup here and there as users play with the newly released product for the first time. The brand new 13, and 15 inch MacBook Pro is experiencing some bugs of its own already. According to reports online, the notebook is exhibiting some concerning behaviors, including trackpad and keyboard freeze ups, as well as some boot camp incompatibilities.

From the fine chaps over at MacRumors:

According to users in a support thread spanning over 14 pages, the trackpad and the keyboard on the 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro are reportedly locking up at random during use, with a hard reset through the machine’s power button appearing to be the only present solution to the problem. Users are also reporting that a reset of the MacBook’s System Management Controller (SMC) also appears to be ineffective, and a small survey of users within the thread show that the problem is affecting all three configurations of the 13-inch model.

It could be hardware related, but it could also be Mavericks. My 13-inch MacBook Air (2012 edition) is exhibiting some of the same symptoms as the new MacBook Pros. My keyboard locks up entirely, and I have to reboot to get it back.

There’s no official acknowledgement from Apple on this one, so we’re speculating at this point. That said, if the problem is big enough, there’s a good chance that we’ll see it addressed with an update shortly.

If you want to try resetting your SMC, Apple has a support document here to help you out.

Photo Credit: gato-gato-gato (cc)

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