Nice Try, New iMacs Are On Schedule

It wouldn’t be a new product announcement if rumor blogs didn’t question the arrival dates of a newly minted product from Apple. Despite reports to the contrary, the new, super slim iMac is actually on schedule and already on its way through distribution channels.

Given the supply issues that usually come alongside new iOS devices like the iPhone 5, it’s understandable that some have wondered publicly if the company will have difficulties with the new “friction-stir welding” used to attach the front and back display panels together.

At this point it’s expected to be available in stores sometime in late November and on the shelves waiting for your money just in time for the upcoming holiday season. Apple’s expecting the new iMac to be in very high demand heading into the new year, so if you’re looking to buy one of the devices for a loved one for the holidays, you may want to keep a very close eye on the Apple store in your neck of the woods.

Go figure, an Apple product will be available exactly when the company said it would be available. What are the odds?

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