New rumors surface suggesting 15-inch MacBook Air coming soon

A couple of years ago Steve Jobs suggested that all laptops will eventually look and feel like the new MacBook Air. Since makings those comments, the rumor mill has been rife with rumors suggesting the MacBook Pro lineup will go full-on Air in a new update, leaving behind its current form factor and instead embracing the sleek lines of the Air lineup. It hasn’t happened yet, but a new rumor today suggests that Apple may be getting ready to introduce a new 15-inch MacBook Air.

From the team at Electricpig:

Alongside continued coos about how the new iPad’s display will ruin everything else in sight, we heard word from one anonymous vendor that Apple’s likely to launch a 15-inch MacBook Air in April, effectively killing the Pro for the average consumer … This particular company is a key player in MacBook docking solutions, so they’ve got to keep abreast of the finer details of what’s coming. And what is coming? If you take our source’s word for it, a 15-inch MacBook Air with ports on both sides, no optical drive and no ethernet cable.

Putting aside the absurdity that a vendor would have information about upcoming products from Apple, the idea of a 15-inch MacBook Air kind of makes sense in the grand scheme of things.

Currently, Apple only offers the Air in 11- and 13-inch models. The Mac Pro comes in 13-, 15-, and 17-inch models. Some consumers are willing to shell out the extra cash for a MacBook Pro just to get the extra screen real estate. This new rumor suggests that Apple’s looking to split their lineup clearly in two, between consumer and professional once again, by offering 15-inch MacBook Air editions to consumers.

The move makes sense, and after speaking with some colleagues about it, like Stephen Hackett, I’m growing more convinced that the 13-inch MacBook Pro could disappear in the near future. A lot of pro applications work well on the 13-inch display, but for the most part, most of the professionals I know that rock the MacBook Pro prefer the bigger screens. It’s a hunch, but I’ve got the feeling we may see an 11-, 13-, and 15-inch MacBook Air, and only a 15-, and 17-inch MacBook Pro moving forward, leaving the 15-inch model as the swing point between the consumer and professional level devices in Apple’s catalog.

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