Kaspersky Releases Free Flashback Trojan Removal Tools

Kaspersky, the company behind the popular antivirus tool, has released an application that will scan, detect, and remove the Flashfake and Flashback trojan from infected Macs. Apple has also issued patches to Java to close off the threat before it spreads further; however, you may want to check if you’ve been infected. And there’s a good chance you could be infected. Over half of all the infected machines originated in the US, Canada, and a couple of other countries.

The trojan has infected over 600,000 Macs already, for a grand total of just about 2 percent of all Macintosh computers currently in use. Kapersky Labs measured the botnet by registering a C&C domain before hackers were able to detect it, resulting in infected machines trying to contact the domain.

If you currently have control of your DNS servers on your local network, OpenDNS has also announced that they’ve begun filtering Flashback traffic in an attempt to protect consumers. You can set up your router to use OpenDNS servers by following the tutorial on the OpenDNS website.

You can download the free removal tool directly from Kaspersky

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