iMac continues to dominate the growing all-in-one market

The all-in-one market continues to grow, and Apple is currently ruling the day in the sector. Computers that are built as a display, computer mashup, much like the iMac, grew 39 percent in 2011, according to DisplaySearch.

From Bloomberg:

The iMac accounted for 32.9 percent of shipments in the third quarter, the research firm estimates. Lenovo Group (992), meanwhile, grabbed the No. 2 spot in the all-in-one segment by appealing to customers in China. It had 22.7 percent of sales in the third quarter, followed by Hewlett-Packard with 21.4 percent. The total market may grow to 23.3 million units by 2014, according to DisplaySearch.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that consumers are tired of building their computers spec-by-spec, and then having to also go out and pick up a monitor. I currently have a Mac Pro and a MacBook Pro, both of which will need replacing very soon. To be honest, I’m really torn between buying an iMac and a MacBook Air, or a MacBook Air and a Cinema Display. Notice how I never mentioned a Mac Pro upgrade? Three years ago I would have gone directly for the Mac Pro, but today it makes increasingly little sense for my needs. Expandability is great for professionals, but I’m beyond that. The iMac keeps looking sexier and sexier with every new update. It looks like the masses are starting to think the same way. The iMac isn’t going anywhere but up.

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