It seems like Apple’s preparing for a world without optical drives by using recovery partitions

Recovery partitions aren’t exactly new. Every single computer I’ve used in the last couple of years (without an Apple logo) has shipped with one. Usually the manufacturer will partition a disk drive into two slices. One partition will include install files, while the other one will be your primary operating partition. Fixing an operating system is usually as simple as repairing with a repair partition. It’s looking like OS X Lion might just have that in store for us as well.

It seems like Apple might be thinking about this option, and implementing it with Lion. Keep in mind that Lion is a beta currently, and that Apple could change this at a moment’s notice.

We haven’t gleaned this information on our own, and we’re not in the business of breaking NDAs, so if you want more information, we’d recommend you check out Cult of Mac’s article on the topic.

The funny thing about this news is that Peter Cohen and I talked about this problem yesterday on our podcast (check it out). We spent some time talking about how Apple plans to move into an optical-less world while delivering software through the Mac App Store. As always, Apple seems to be a couple of steps ahead of us already.

Article and Image Via Cult of Mac

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