Apple I Sells At Auction For A Ridonkulous Amount Of Cash

If buying up old tech is something you’re into, and an Apple I is something missing from your own personal collection, your bank account better have six or seven figures of savings in it. An Apple I computer has just sold at auction in Germany for $640,000.

We get that the Apple I was really the start of the home computing revolution. We get that it’s a piece of history, but $640,000 was paid for a machine that only sold for $374,000 at Sotheby’s in June, and the same computer couldn’t even reach the $50,000 reserve price at Christie’s earlier this year. That’s one heck of a value increase over the course of a year. The only thing outperforming Apple stock seems to be the Apple I itself.

I’m all for owning a piece of history, but I can’t help but think of 640,000 other ways that that money could have been spent. It’s really quite mind-boggling.

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