Add A Number Pad To Your Magic Trackpad With The Magic Numpad

Add a film to your Magic Trackpad, install some software, and you have a number pad at your fingertips. We know what you’re thinking, but you can totally turn off the number pad and revert to the normal trackpad with the click of a button.

The Magic Numpad is the available from Mobee Technology, and it comes with three films for your trackpad: a normal number pad, a numeric keypad with space for gestures, and a keyboard film with configurable buttons. The software you need ships with the device, and within a couple of clicks you can set up the number pad. Jumping to and from the number pad is pretty easy to do.

If you spend all day in Excel or Numbers, but don’t want to give up your Magic Trackpad, then this may just be the solution you’re looking for in your workflow. You can pick it up on Amazon for $25.90.


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