Samsung And Google Attempt To Fix Galaxy Nexus Patent Infringements With Patch

As previously reported, Google has teamed up with Samsung in the patent wars against Apple. As a result, the two companies have developed a software patch for the Galaxy Nexus phone that would work around the Apple-owned patents that have been ruled to be infringing on Apple’s turf.

Google is holding its ground and will continue to support Samsung in an appeal of the injunction issued by California District Court Judge Lucy Koh. Last Friday Koh ruled that the Android phone infringed on four of Apple’s patents, but the specific patent for the injunction was related to “universal search” or Siri technology.

As of last night, the Galaxy Nexus is no longer directly on sale on the Google Play Store and instead is listed as “Coming Soon.” Judge Koh shut down the company’s request to stay the ban while it appeals. Apple asked for a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus for the four infringing patents, but the court granted the company an injunction last week for a search-related patent titled “Universal interace for retrieval of information in a computer system.”

While Google has plans to remove the infringing search functionality, it isn’t clear yet whether Samsung will be allowed to sell the Galaxy Nexus after the patch is released. The court will still need to decide whether or not the new software patch fixes the infringement.

Source: Electronista and ModMyi
Image Credit: Worldwide Tech & Science

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