Pear Kicked Off Of Kickstarter, Will Return Soon

Remember the Pear, a little Bluetooth device we reported on a few weeks ago? This device was receiving Kickstarter funding and was funded, but was also recently pulled from Kickstarter after a trademark infringement issue arose, causing a cease and desist order. And while the product was pulled, those associated with the project have contacted Engadget saying that development of the product will continue and the updated version of the product will return to Kickstarter in 3-6 weeks. The new Pear should feature a new design and name to defend itself from further copyright issues.

If you’re unaware, the Pear was supposed to be a device that turned any 30-pin dock iPod/iPhone dock into a wireless music streamer via Bluetooth. This would help update docks with awesome functionality only offered by the higher end iPhone docks of today. The Pear would also help those who have Android phones or tablets who would like to use their iPod dock as a Hi-Fi system.

If you’re still interested in funding the updated Pear when it returns to Kickstarter, let us know in the comments! We will be sure to update you when the project returns to Kickstarter in the coming weeks.

Source: Engadget

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