Oops They Did It Again: Apple Sued Again In China Over Siri Patent Infringement

After settling a lawsuit brought against Apple by Chinese company Proview Technology, another Chinese company, Shanghai-based Zhi Zhen Internet Technology, has filed a patent lawsuit against Apple for reportedly infringing on its voice assistant service with Siri.

According to NASDAQ, Zhi Zhen Internet Technology had filed a suit in June against Apple because the company has allegedly infringed on a  patent Zhi Zhen holds for a Chinese language, automated-voice system, Xiao i Robot, that is similar to Apple’s own Siri.

In 2004, the Chinese tech company had applied for its patent, according to a company spokesman, and the lawsuit is a way to stop Apple from infringing on its technology.

Apple announced in June that it would roll out both Mandarin and Cantonese languages for Siri software in the China and Hong Kong markets.

Recently, Apple paid $60 million to Proview technology for the iPad name trademark, and Chinese chemical company Jiangsu Xeubao also filed a lawsuit against Apple for apparently infringing on its trademark of the name Snow Leopard back in 2000.

Apple could not be reached for comment.

Source: NASDAQ via The Next Web
Image Credit: BGR

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