ITC Warns Samsung Of Upcoming Injunction

FOSS Patents has just reported that Samsung was recently warned of a large product injunction that could cost them up to 88 percent of income from certain Samsung devices. This information has come from a publicly redacted court document that show Judge Pender’s plan of punitive action against Samsung. Trust us, this action doesn’t look anything close to pretty for Samsung.

According to FOSS Patents, the products affected by the case will be banned from sale in the United States after a 60-day International Trade Commission (ITC) presidential review session. A cease-and-desist order would then be brought upon Samsung, banning any commercially significant orders of the accused products in the United States. Samsung will then have to post bond for 88 percent of all mobile phone values, 37.6 percent of all tablet values and 32.5 percent of all media player values during the presidential review period. Judge Pender has threatened to raise the 88 percent bond up to a 100 percent bond if Samsung continues to press an argument that the “differential analysis is not adequate”. Ouch.

As of now, these repercussions are still only the worst case scenario as the ITC board must agree to Samsung’s punishment across the board. However, I think that if this extreme punishment was indeed brought upon Samsung, it would certainly make them think twice about blatantly copying Apple’s products and technologies in the future.

Image Credit: vernieman

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